A 20 Year Legacy of Perfect Colour

Customer Service, Second to None

Twenty years of perfect colour is great, but we also pride ourselves on providing personalized customer service. We’re big enough to get the job done, but small enough that we know your name.

Need a last-minute press revision? We’re here for you! After-hours numbers will be provided, so you can reach us any day, at any time.

Sundance has been lucky enough to partner with Artisan for nearly two decades. In that time as technology has changed so has Artisan. They have grown prudently but always on the cutting edge of technology. The strong, steady leadership they have in place allows customers an assurance that their projects are in good hands.

The internal team in the shop is top notch in their ability and positive attitude. We appreciate the partnership with everyone internally and the attention to detail they give our work.

As our need for signage grew we have been able to utilize the Artisan HD group for our retail stores. It is really a seamless process to use our images across multiple platforms. We consider them a valued and trusted partner.

Cindy Lashley / Director of Creative Services Production / Sundance Catalog

RGB Color Management

Achieve consistent and predictable print results with Artisan’s custom-built color management tools. We partner with your printer to confirm Artisan’s proofs meet the expected target benchmark for press and paper. Perfect prints, every time!

Image Manipulation & Retouching

Our retouchers are masters of their craft. Experienced image editors develop advanced workflows created specifically for each client. We’ll streamline the editing process so you can get your final image files to press well before deadline.

Artisan’s Image Manipulation experts look at each file as one piece of the whole brand. Color correcting, balancing, background removal, image path clipping, and more are all within reach.


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